Great finds & great minds of 2017

Influencers of this 2017 year.

The year comes to it’s closure… I don’t even remember how Spring and Summer flew by, I actually can’t believe 2017 is almost gone. But I’m looking forward to 2018. I will welcome this year with a light heart and a lot of grind, because there is so much I want to do.

2017 was rich on all kind of events and I wanted to share the best things, links and names I’ve found over the past year. The great finds and great minds of 2017.

The influencers of 2017 are people how bring a different perspective on common things. Influencers who bring value to the community, those people who are able to help you shifting your attitide into a different direction. What I noticed is that influencers are able to explain complex things in a simple language. They make you think broader.

Ok, enough of fluff, let’s dive in:

Jerry’s website

Jerry Colonna

Jerry Colonna The “CEO Whisperer” and founder of Jerry — is an American venture capitalist and certified professional coach who played a prominent part in the early development of Silicon Valley. Well, you just have to listen to him. If he is coaching you make sure you have napkins and a cozy sofa to lay on while crying. You think your life sucks? Why don’t you just shift perspective by just observing what founders, CEOs, investors are going through while doing their job and feeling the weight of responsibilities for hundreds of people and company’s future? My favorite talk is this one Fierce Compassion

Michio Kaku

Michio Kaku is a Japanese American theoretical physicist, futurist, and popularizer of science. He amazed me with his child-like flexible mind, great speaker skills and being so relevant. I’m embarrassed I never knew about him till 2017. He is a forward-thinking person that talks about a lot of tough topics.

Jeremiah Shoaf

Jeremiah Shoaf

Jeremiah Shoaf — His Typography guide is golden, it was worth an investment. He is one out of very few people I am willingly subscribed to. Jeremiah keeps emails casual yet professional and does stay humble updating typography guide every single month. He helps you being in the middle of the newest fonts, font pairings, cons and pros.

Quincy Larson

Quincy Larson — founder of what this man does is creating job opportunities for thousands of people. It’s the first free full-stack teaching platform that is so freakin’ addictive and fun. It’s probably the first one I never got bored of. It’s a great source if you decided to change your professional direction. I see a lot of adult people changing lives after going through freecodecamp. Quincy showed that coding an be something you’ll enjoy and you’ll get paid well. And by the way, you’ll get a chance to learn code, to get your first project and to donate a small amount to help kids learn how to code. He is raising very important questions in his emails that you can subscribe to.

Chris Do

Chris Do — Art-director and founder of The Futur Youtube channel and creative agency Blind. Chris is creating priceless content for 206k of creatives on youtube. His thinking, his transparency, and design tips on how to work effectively with creatives was and still is a critical topic I’ve been honing. And those are not just words, he is a practitioner owning quite successful design studio in Santa Monica. Check out his TheFutur Youtube Channel.

Will Paterson

Will Paterson

Will Paterson — a logo designer and hand lettering artist. His ways of explaining and coaching on logo design will make everybody execute ideas better. I love his critique of logos, I value some of the highlights of details whenever big brand has logo update. It happens that each new logo update meets a lot of hatery from the mass. Will takes time to walk through some of the decisions behind those changes. Will runs workshops sometimes.


CaptainDisillusion — ever wondered how movies were done back in days or want to reveal some of the digital fakery? Visit his Youtube Channel. Very high-quality content. He produces 1 vide a months — that is how much he cares about his craft. The set up for each video is quite complex as he goes into a great detail explaining some fo the fakery online. He also highlights influencers in cinematography, the technical limitations 20 years ago etc. His latest gem is here.

Blank on Blank

Blank on Blank — short form animated interviews with famous people. This is my go to when I need to relax my brain and appreciate the art. The highest craft of animation, sound, motion. Done by a small group of amazing people. My favorite is Stevie Wonder’s interview.

Dan Petty

Dann Petty

Dann Petty — Designer, creative, Youtuber, a nice person too! Founder of epicurrence. He is one of the most prominent UI/UX influencers in the past couple of years. He stood out to me because he shares a lot of thoughts on web and mobile and everything digital. Very often he does collaborations with other designers to expose what’s behind success, how much work people have to go through and what matters by the end of the day is not where you started — it’s where you finished. Dan’s videos are hilarious. My favorite — Best Accessory for iPhone X — Only $10. Dan is an active member of Dribbble Community. A lot of times he brings rational thinking into fights or comments that happen on dribbble quite often.

Image source

Jim Antonopoulos

Jim Antonopoulos — Founder of strategic design firm named Tank, he created an amazing content for you to grow out of junior or senior designer pants into a design strategist, design reformer, design practitioner. He puts the summary from many years of experience into a tangible set of steps and truths. Check his Strategy-masterclass Course, it’s worth it. If you work really hard and try to apply everything he is teaching you — you’ll grow, you’ll become a better person too. He spices up strategy lessons with some more food for your brain. He speaks calmly and with confidence, he knows what works and where could possible problems and blind spots arise as you are trying to craft a strategy for your product, company, and team.

The Full Ratchet

The Full Ratchet — a podcast by Nick Moran dedicated to demystifying Venture Capital and I call it Adventure Capital because it is. Investor’s journey is a sign up for a life that might be high risk and high reward. Fun right? It was an unknown world for me and words like “bootstrap”, “series A”, and what is the difference between an angel investor and venture capitalist did not mean much. I kind of knew about the but never fully understood that. Which is strange, I happen to work directly with a lot of founders and co-founders since 2013 up till 2016 and I knew how important that was for them and why, but the whole world was a dark moon for me. What’s really interesting you’ll be able to track the newest technology trends while listening to the interviews, as a designer you’ll have a list of newest apps to check out.

Image from Gary’s blog

Gary Vaynerchuk

GaryVee — Gary Vaynerchuk is a serial entrepreneur and the CEO and co-founder of VaynerMedia, a full-service digital agency. He is a kid of immigrant parents. That tells me a lot. Parents from former USSR are having the toughest upbringing styles and that itself is a huge influencer. Gary does share stuff most marketing companies are greedy about. He teaches people how to develop the personal brand by just living and acting like you are in 2017, not in 2008. Very progressive thinker and doer. He is on the edge sometimes but it’s part of his personality, it’s his weakness and strength at the same time.

Chirryl-Lee Ryan

Chirryl-Lee Ryan — artics, designer, creative leader. This very nice and unexpected connection on Linkedin. It woke my curiosity up and after that I was amazed. This is the creative leader, the example, the prototype of woman in leadership. I look up to her. The topics she is writing about shows the true depth and her thinking. Her Linkedin profile has her voice. Currently she is working as Head of Design at Isobar.

Who inspired you in this 2017? Leave a comment. Thank you for reading.

Director, User Experience Design @ EA

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