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  • Jonas Auernhammer

    Jonas Auernhammer

    business student @TH-nuernberg Germany open for exciting challanges contact me at jonasauernhammer0@gmail.com

  • Endertech


    A professional team of web designers, software developers, and creative minds. https://goo.gl/qVUBXX

  • Adam Mortimer

    Adam Mortimer

    Passionate about people | brands | performance. Working to connect people to purpose via insights, strategy, brand experiences & branding that matters.

  • Lenin Cuadra

    Lenin Cuadra

    Diseñador entre 2 mundos; Producto y Marketing.

  • Sheya Basak

    Sheya Basak

  • Roman Perevala

    Roman Perevala

  • Elijah Szasz

    Elijah Szasz

    Elijah runs a LA/SLC creative agency focused on the good side of technology. He’s also a mediocre athlete, father, and entrepreneur. https://www.spark6.com/

  • Maxim Stepanov

    Maxim Stepanov

    UX/UI designer | Munich based. Experience in Branding and Digital Marketing. Writing about design, research, business and marketing.

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