Physiological and fitness tracker review.

While technological advancements are often a reason for ethical dilemmas and debates, I’m a firm believer that they also have the potential and the power to help us make better decisions. 2020 has emphasized the importance of preventative care and immunity management during widespread COVID-19 concerns. Science is urging us that healthy living starts with sufficient sleep, optimal nutrition, and balanced exercise. Peter Drucker once said: “You can’t manage what you can’t measure.” But what holistic measures do we have and how should we track the quality of our sleep, recovery, and activity?

What is WHOOP?

WHOOP is a fitness tracking wrist strap…

Image by Liliia Mandrino.

I have been getting similar emails in my inbox; people are asking how to start a User Experience Designer career or transition into it from another field. Usually, people who are entertaining this thought are students that have limited or no financial support, people with established careers that are seeking ways to transition out of their field gradually, and people who wanted to learn something new. And so the range of questions is: Where should I start? Is it possible to transition? How do I get in? My answer to all this — everything is possible if you want it…

This year has been filled with audible content from Youtube, Podcasts, Audible Books; and I found myself coming back to physical books, as the joy they are able to offer is sometimes unmatched.

1. The Snowball: Warren Buffett and the Business of Life

A lengthy and fascinating read about Warren Buffett’s life and the life of his business. For those who do not know him, Mr. Buffet is a business magnate, investor, and philanthropist, who is the chairman and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway.

A good life story and great voice of the narrator saved me from abandoning this book halfway through when it got a bit too depressing due to…

Everything about gym-based workout apps.

Gymaholic App

My passion for fitness survived through a lot of obstacles, from moving to another state, to changing jobs, having busier than ever schedule, and all the travel we did in 2019… I enjoy my gym workouts and I’m always looking for the best workout apps to help me manage my fitness goals and schedule. I might have found the Google of fitness — this app is called Gymaholic.

Interestingly enough, I find that this app is underrepresented in the fitness arena, and way fewer people know about it. It’s Gymaholic App. I think, partially, it’s because Gymaholic is not racing…

Everything about gym-based workout apps.

It looks like Gymshark took on an endeavor to solve a problem that has been birthing many fitness apps. From making perfect workout leggings and sportswear to building a perfect workout user experience, now Gymshark is competing with headliners in the fitness space.

So what is it?

Gymshark App is a subscription-based mobile app that has a number of ready-to-use programs for various workout frequencies and a workout manager that helps you in creating your fitness routine. Gymshark signed some prominent influencers, like Steve Cook, Karina Elle, etc., to kickstart and grow user engagement, knowing that people who follow fitness influencers on Instagram are…

and make your life less suck-y.

Photo by Sven Mieke on Unsplash

In 2018, I started a new job at a fitness startup. “This could be great,” I told myself. I was always fascinated by human performance, psychology, and the power of determination. I started my fitness journey to design better experiences for our users, and also get the opportunity to learn the emotional journey people go through closely. And so I switched from my old routine to the one we offered. I did work out before. …

And so 2018 is over… My Audible App tells me there were 29 titles added. I remember after I devoured 17 books back in 2017 I was thinking: “I need to be more selective…” It’s been one of the tech joys since 2016.

Topics I read are design & brand, digital products, psychology, behavioral science, tech. Occasionally I enjoy array of random subjects like astrophysics, various crafts, etc. Inevitably, some books are becoming your favorites, some don’t. Out of the 29 books here are my favorites. …

The “reads” or the “listens”.

2017This year was significant because I switched from reading to listening. I use my eyes at work and a lot of work staring at the screen and crafting experiences. An additional reason was me thinking how I can maximize my time efficiency, what are the gaps and moments of opportunities to learn something. I figured my short commute time is still good enough to try it out. So 2017 commute time gifted me with 16 read books read as a result. Here are the best. When Isay the best means the content, the value, the narrator’s voice is the best…

Influencers of this 2017 year.

The year comes to it’s closure… I don’t even remember how Spring and Summer flew by, I actually can’t believe 2017 is almost gone. But I’m looking forward to 2018. I will welcome this year with a light heart and a lot of grind, because there is so much I want to do.

2017 was rich on all kind of events and I wanted to share the best things, links and names I’ve found over the past year. The great finds and great minds of 2017.

The influencers of 2017 are people how bring a different perspective on common things…

When did the last thing happen for the first time?

Last time I faced Security questions when I was creating my own account with Austin Energy back in the Summer. I was feeling so great, the new beginning. It’s my first US utility account since I moved to the US 2.5 years ago. Before that, it was another country and another story… I was proud and felt good until I started onboarding.

Customer service was excellent, but online onboarding and setting up my security questions, not so much. As soon as I saw this huge list of questions I had one clear feeling — RUN, RUN, RUN away from it…

Liliia Mandrino

Director, User Experience Design @ EA

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